The origin of the company name Ajino Hyoshiro is inherited from the name of Kappo Ryotei Hyoshiro, which was run by the current president’s great grandfather – namely Nomiyama Heishiro.

We have inherited the heartless pleasure of satisfying our customers with the tastes that please our customers. Since its founding in 1988, with the slogan of easy, convenient, and delicious while maintaining focus on taste, we have repeatedly studied to meet the rapidly changing tastes of customers and other products that are favored by everyone.

Company Profile

Company Name

Ajino Hyoshiro Co., Ltd.

USA Headquarters

21171 S. Western Ave Suite 2640 Torrance, CA 90501

JAPAN Headquarters

〒3-81-3, Miyugaoka-Kita , Chikushino-shi, Fukuoka, 818-0035

Company Formation

May 28, 1993 | Founded in 1988



Udon, Kashiya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture launched Udon, Soba, Shinro Shiro Dashi and Ero Umo Tego Mentsuyu as Ajino Heishiro.


Renewed the package of Shinro Shirodashi.


Changed organization to Ajino Hyoshiro Limited Company.


Headquarters relocated from Umi-cho, Kasuya-gun to Miikagaoka-Minami and Chikushino-shi.


Yuzuno Drop released.


Acquired company-owned land in Mikkagaoka north of Chikushino City


Head office building completed and relocated to Biyugaoka Kita


Acquisition of the planned location of “Meal Restaurant Hyoshiro” next to Chikushi Shrine


Acquisition of planned site for additional building near head office


Launched “Reduced Salt Chin Ishirou Dashi”


Completion of a new office building adjacent to the head quarters opening of a directly managed store Ajino Hyoshiro Chikushino Main Store adjacent to the company building assigned open standard & poor’s rating of Tenanobe Noodles, Tenobe Fine Udon, Tenobe Kanzashi Udon released.


Received the Nikkei New Office Award Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize for Hyoshiro Rice, Hiroshiro’s White Sesame Seeds and Hyoshiro’s Vinegar 180ml released.


Thank you for the blessings of nature and Hyoshiro no Wakame launched Fukuoka Prefecture Beautiful Town Building Architecture Award Excellence Award.


Hyoshiro’s Black Vegetables launched using Hiroshiro’s Black Sesame and Hyoshiro’s Rice.


Launched Hyoshiro’s Combined Vinegar 300ml, Hyoshiro’s Vinegar 300ml and Hiroshi Hundred Main Line using commemorative Hyoshiro rice as a Management Innovation Plan Excellent Company.


Launched Kaoru Mai Katsuo Kareshibashi and Hyoshiro Mochi opened directly managed store Ajino Hyoshiro Hakata Riverain.


I Ne Vinegar Citron Drinking vinegar born of HeiShiro, Vinegar Ginger Drink I’m of HeiShiro of vinegar born, I ne Vinegar Amaou that drinking vinegar born of HeiShiro, vinegar drinking by ne vinegar born of HeiShiro Ome, A freshly squeezed drop of gold Hyoshiro’s Vinegar 900ml, Hyoshiro’s combined vinegar 900ml, Moe Yellow of the sky and Dark green of the sky. Launched Dark Green Tea Chin-chin Shirodashi . Opened Singapore branch.


Changed the name of Natural Raw material Shiroi Shiro Dashi to Hyoshiro’s Chin Dashi, Heavenly Blue, Yuzu Pepper, Hyoshiro’s Bubble Water, Hyoshiro’s Pure Water, HeiShiro of Running Water, Low-Salt Yellow Umoo Sorry Te Soup, HeiShiro Glutinous Rice, sell Junmai Ginjo HeiShiro. Simple delicious show further’s Agodashi Recipe published.


Jin Iri Shiro Dashi, Ero-Umo Tego Mentsuyu, Hand-rolled White Line and Jinmai Ginjo Hyo Shiro won the iTQi Excellent Taste Award. Hyoshiro Yone Vinegar born Vinegar Carrot Apple. Junmai Ginjo Hyoshiro Akiari launches. Directly managed store Ajino Hyoshiro Hakata Riverain Store Closes. Directly operated store Ajino Hyoshiro Hakata Daimaru Store.


Traditional Natural Brewing Rice Miso, Kaoru Kaoru, Vegetable Flavor, Chicken Shiro Sashi small pack, Dark Green Tea bag in the sky, Roasted Tea in the sky and Roast in the sky. Opened directly managed stores Tea Tea Bag, Dashido Hyoshiro Hakata Store and Ajino Hyoshiro Singapore ISETAN Scotts Store opened reorganized all product packages to Ajino Hyoshiro Co., Ltd. Ero Umo Tego Mentsuyu, Totekin No Shirasen and Junmai Ginjo Hyoshiro received the 2016 iTQi Excellent Taste Award.


Launched Mushroom Mushrooms with Tamago Mushrooms, Tori withered, Hanagasa Donko and Walnut Oil.


Launch of FLOAREA