About Dashi

“Dashi” is a culinary culture carefully passed down by Japanese people. Dashi means to use nature’s life to the last drop in its fullest form. Good products are stringently selected to extract the dashi with care. True deliciousness is born only from providing time and labor.

For those who feel that they want to make delicious food for their families or want to enjoy authentic cuisine despite being busy and short of time, we have responded by providing products that make cooking much simpler. The dream of Ajino-Hyoshiro is to have both the cook and those enjoying the food to have smiles on their faces. We achieve the ease of preparing everyday meals that much more with just one packet. Our product is loved and used by many households for its all-purpose dashi qualities that help create truly authentic dishes.

Hyoshiro Dashi

All made in Japan, all coarsely ground. HYOSHIRO DASHI places importance on its ingredients. We only use ingredients that have been stringently selected. All of the flavors inherent to the ingredients can be enjoyed in full because they come with the safety and assurance of being domestically sourced. Furthermore, by purposely grinding the materials coarsely the dashi ingredient flavor and umami are further extracted. Every single ingredient comes with our specific attention to detail....

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Less Sodium Dashi

HYOSHIRO Less Sodium Dashi Stock Powder is made from the same ingredients as our Original Dashi, including flying fish, bonitos, kombu kelp, mackerel, shiitake mushrooms and sardines - but with 41% LESS Sodium. Used as a soup broth, or as a seasoning in other dishes such as stir-fry or pasta, Less Sodium Dashi Stock Powder adds a rich, savory flavor to your favorite recipes....

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Vegetable Dashi

A bold vegetable dashi with noticeable umami from roasted onions, it is suitable for various Western cuisine. Four types of domestically grown vegetables have been blended to a unique balance and further seasoned with salt and pepper. The umami unique to onions and carrots are concentrated by roasting them at once at high temperatures. Furthermore, by coarsely chopping the ingredients, we were able to achieve a rich and full-bodied dashi packet which showcases the flavors of the vegetables....

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Originally developed rice in Kyushu that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You can enjoy the fully freshness without adding any extra ingredients, and solid feeling when you cool it. Gluten free. Not only can be used as a substitute for wheat flour, but you can enjoy the sweetness and firmness of rice, and rice flour is a food that attracting attention from people.... ...

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tsuyu sauce


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